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Bus station services

At our Bus Station, we provide our customers with the following station services:

•     reception and dispatch of buses
•     reception and dispatch of passengers
•     issue of single, return and monthly tickets
•     issuing ticket price confirmations
•     departure information

The types of tickets we sell at the ticket office are:

•    Individual tickets,
•    Return tickets,
•    elementary and high school student tickets in one direction,
•    elementary and high school student tickets return tickets,
•    student tickets in one direction,
•    student tickets return tickets
•    Kids tickets,
•    Privileged tickets,
•    Pension cards,
•    Monthly Subscription Tickets.

Children's tickets are for sale for children aged 4-9 years.

Preferential tickets are for sale to users who have blue booklets issued by the Ministry for:
    1. Blind persons and their companions,
    2. War and military invalids,
    3. Persons suffering from polio and hemiplegia, paraplegia and petraplegia.
    4. Persons suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

Retirement cards are issued to pensioners who are registered with their home Association of Retired Persons.

Employees, primary and secondary school students and students up to 26 years of age are eligible to issue monthly subscription cards. The issuance of such tickets is available every working day from 7-15h.