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Jugoprevoz Velika Plana DOO is a joint-stock company engaged in the transportation of passengers in Serbia and abroad. It originated from the largest SOUR work organization "Jugoprevoz Čačak" from Čačak, which had working organizations in the territories of the three republics of the former Yugoslavia, and thus was the largest carrier with about 7000 transport units. 1978, work units in Smederevo and Smed.Palanci are separated from the Smederevo OUR and then the OUR "Autoprevoz Velika Plana" is created.

In 1978, the company "Autoprevoz Velika Plana" first registered with the Commercial Court in Kraljevo as a working organization within SOUR Jugoprevoz Čačak, which today grows into a modern transport company with 31 buses, its own bus station in Velika Plana, technical inspection, modern a repair shop and car wash.
With the ownership transformation into majority privately owned property in 2009, a new era of development of Jugoprevoz started. Investing in new, above all highly educated personnel, consolidating business and forming new, more efficient management with a constant customer orientation are just some of the innovations in the work of the company. All this, as well as the use of new modern business systems, investing in infrastructure, in the procurement of new vehicles, repairs of existing vehicles, is only a step in consolidating the business and defining the place of "Jugoprevoz" in the market as a successful and modern company that strives to do business in accordance with world trends.

Today, "Jugoprevoz Velika Plana" DOO annually transports about 2 200 000 passengers, with heterogeneous fleet consisting of vehicles of Mercedes, Berkhof Axial and Neoplan Trendliner.