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About us

Company "Jugoprevoz Velika Plana" DOO Velika Plana is a company that deals with the transportation of passengers in Serbia and abroad. It was founded on August 27, 1977 and to this day, by working continuously reached the level of a modern transport company with 31 buses, its own Bus Station, a modern repair shop and a car wash.

With the ownership transformation in 2009, a new phase of development of Jugoprevoz-Velika Plana began. Investing in highly educated staff, introducing modern business systems, investing in infrastructure, procuring new vehicles is a safe path that brings to Jugoprevoz Velika Plana the safe position of a successful and modern company.

Constant investment in employee education and new technologies, participation in all activities of social importance, with a constant orientation towards higher level of services and satisfaction of passengers needs are still mottos which Jugoprevoz Velika Plana DOO Velika Plana continues to work on.